My Special Guest tonight is…

William Wordsworth and Daffodils. I wouldn't be much of a Welshman if I didn't put out a shout to this bad boy. I have loved this poem since I first heard it in school and I'm sure it's a favorite among so many of you out there. Enjoy, Daffodils I wander'd lonely as a cloud …

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Do you believe in magic? Not tricks and illusions But love, kindness, happiness… Purity Magick   A baby’s first laugh That brings a smile and A giggle to doting mothers and fathers Thankful fairies watch over their shoulders   The moment a person finds their soul mate Professing their true love for one another From …

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The Organ Grinder or the Monkey

First published on Free Verse Revolution, a division of Blank Paper Press.   I’ve made an executive decision I’m taking no more shit As a sufferer of depression I’m content to recognise it   I’m fed up of the way That it takes hold of me Anxiety and panic attacks No more, I have to break free …

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The Sunshine Bloggers Award

Well Guys and Gals, the birthday presents just keep coming. I’ve just had the nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award from this lovely new blogger A Mermaids Tale over at Kajal Writitng. The Sunshine Blogger Award recognising bloggers who are creative, positive, and inspiring. Wow… Although heard of, I’ve never really known what this award is about, until now. …

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Vampire (edited version)

We have a saying over here about public transport that says ‘you wait a long time for one to come along and then two arrive at the same time’.

This is why with Charlie’s permission that I reblog for your scary pleasure another Vampire themed poem.

And if I might add… it’s gooood !!

Go check out his other work here.

Charlies Blog

I am the vampire in your life, causing the pain and supplying the strife.

Sucking the marrow from your core and helpless soul,

Taking your life,

And consuming it whole.

No cross nor spike, nor illumination light, will help you against,

 My worry, my pain,

My plight.

I am the vampire who takes control, contorting and reshaping your helpless soul.


Hold your bible close, say your prayers, you’re in this nightmare now,

With all my worries,

With all my cares.


The vampire you see is not me, it is a mirage of the man,

 I used to be.

And feed I will on your burning light,

Consuming and fading,

Your inner might.

But stay strong, resist my will, fight back and battle still.

The night is long,

As they say.

But have faith in me,

And bring back the man,

I used to be.

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