Have I Dreamed – The Mush from the Hill

First published on Free Verse Revolution (FVR) Publishing.

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eye-1209039_1280Have I dreamed my life away?

Wanting to prove myself

To peers, family


Have I been egotistical, arrogant?

Narcissistic, wanting the best

Being the best  


Is that my failing, forgetting who I am

Wrapped up in that world

Not mine, is that


But dreams are not free of charge

Dreams are not cheap

They’re hard


Maybe I have dreamed my life away

Aren’t dreams to live for?

To strive for


Maybe I should sit back, get passed by

Watching life say goodbye

For the end is


Then tell me, what’s the point; to dream

Where did I go so wrong?

Time has gone



Copyright © JRFC July 2018

John is a Welsh poet from South Wales. He gets inspiration from many of life’s moments with a whole load of imaginative nightmares and daydreams thrown in to spice things up a little. You…

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