Hey You Guys And Gals!

Welcome to my blog. I’m the Mush from the Hill, JC to my friends, and I hope that you have the time and gain an interest in reading what I have to say. You can find out more about me on my errr… about page but so I don’t leave you hanging the best way to sum up my blog would be ‘an amateur Welsh poets therapeutic ramblings and other stuff’. Don’t let the amateur bit scare you off too soon though.

Anyway, without further ado, on your marks and starters for ten I hope you enjoy.

The Mush from the Hill

I remember him well, now a Man, once the Boy

The tears, fears, the fun filled joy

Mam was his favourite, safe and sound

His Dad was there but never around

The seasons were seasons; warm summers, winters cold

And over thirty; he thought you were old

He played with his friends who changed week by week

Except for those three each one of them unique

He got beat up by the Local Druggy

And watched young mothers push their baby buggies

He walked his dog, he rode his Bike

Loved chasing the girls that little Tyke

Danced in school disco’s, he owned that floor

The other kids screamed, “No More, No More”

Played footie in the Park, was scared of the dark

And thought one day he’d leave his mark

Now all grown up with a life of his own

He’s left the ‘Hill’ has a family, a home

Once the boy, now the man lives for another day

To see his children, walk their way

So with a smile and wink he continues his trail

The Mush from the Hill and his fairytale

Copyright © JRFC Sept 2015

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