Happy New Year

So I’m up and running and it’s the start of a new year. As a younger man, the new year with all its positivity and optimistic resolutions was a big thing for me but nowadays I find myself less enthused. The new expectations and holiday TV ads kinda gets me a bit down in the mouth.

I must confess though, my time leading up to this new year has rekindled an old clichéd spark. Now I must be careful here because, as past evidence will prove, I’ve said what I’m about to say before and gone back on my word. I’m gonna make some resolutions and do my damnedest to stick with them.

Number one; get fit before I’m 50. I’m not getting any younger and it’s not going to get any easier but both my head, heart and weight is telling me to get back under that 20 kilo metal bar and do thrusters.

Number two; start a blog where I can write my poetry for all to see and maybe exercise a few demons while I’m at it.

OMG: I’ve just succeeded in keeping 50 percent of my new year resolutions. Maybe 2018 could be a good year.

Happy New Year

Christmas has come and gone

Another year is over

Time to move on

Let the old have closure


Make your new year resolutions

Know what they mean to you

Take a minute to ponder

Make your wish come true


It’s easier to say than do

But stay honest to yourself

Hold on as tight as you can

Don’t put those dreams on the shelf


Happy New Year to you all

Good luck and all the best

Make your path, straight and true

Peace and love on your quest

Copyright © JRFC Jan 2018

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