Watching… While I Wait

I love the macabre, a bit of gothic horror and a good old fashion ghost story. This next rendition has been inspired by these interests of mine and I must confess a rather bad habit that I have. I call it people watching, allow me to explain.

There are times when I find myself in a public place and I just watch people doing what they do. Then I think about who they are and what their life maybe like. After a while I come round from this strange trance and back to the moments reality.

Creepy; maybe but the way my mental mind works, yeah creepy (snigger). Anyway, my rambling over I hope I haven’t scared you away.

Watching… While I Wait

Do you do it?

It’s a hobby of mine

So many great places, I find myself



Lazy Sunday mornings, that’s a good place

They come and go

In and out of view

Quick as a blink

Or they sit

If you look closely

Pay attention

You can see right through

The wood for the trees


The couple in front of the TV

So in love

Phones in hand

Talking to each other


Mr Tech, sixty if he’s a day

Laptop on the table

Trying to impress

A double frappa rappa shaker with a hint of mint

Yeah; whatever.

The Vapemeister, in the open air

Sucking on his fruit stick

So he thinks

Then off to the gym this avo

Careful on that treadmill

A single Mum, so you think

Her partners, playing golf

Teeing off

While she loves that child

With all her heart

Hey, who am I to judge, cynical old me

Who walks beside them



In the corner of their eyes

Oops that’s me, time to go

Off to my next, to lead the way

Can’t stay

Old Joe, found in the street

Forgotten, but not by me

Copyright © JRFC July 2017
Image from Pixabay, modified by JRFC

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