Going back a good few years ago I had what I prefer to call ‘an episode’ that wasn’t very pleasant. I’d always suffered with mood swings and irrational moments but on that fateful day, I crashed. Lucky for me I had a great network of friends and family to help get me through that rough time.

During that mind frying moment I had, what I can only call, an odd experience. It’s not something that I can explain, not only would it sound bonkers but I’d be a little fearful of people knocking on my door wearing white coats holding a special jacket for me.

Maybe the poem will explain.


When I went mad

Sometime ago

While I was getting older


I heard a voice

Inside my ear

T’was an angel on my shoulder


You’re not alone

It said to me

As I was getting colder


From fear

Hanging on to me

And confusion taking over


I turned my head

And tried to glance

Cause I was feeling bolder


Only to see

T’was nothing on me

Left alone and feeling bitter

Little Devils (PixaBay)


And then a thought

I cringed a bit

Could it have been a deceiver?


A devil

Making fun of me

Of that I’m now a believer

Copyright © JRFC July 2017
Image from Pixabay

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