I am not a Critic; I am a Movie Lover

Like so many others, I love my movies. I have seen enough of them and I have quite a library of my own. However, if there’s something that does annoy me it’s the film critic. Now don’t get me wrong there’s a place, time and job role for the critic, I just feel that movies should be enjoyed for what they are meant to be; escape artists entertainment.

I don’t want to go to the cinema having heard that the films dialogue was very unrealistic or the cinematography was amateurish. I want to go to the movies in the hope that it’s going to entertain me on my level, which isn’t very high (who’s sniggering).

So what I’d like to do is share my opinion of the movies I’ve seen just like I would with my best Buddies. Just think of it as my therapeutic ramblings and other stuff.

Therefore, without further ado, I’d like to talk about the film I watched last night… Drum Roll please, the remake of the Power Rangers. Absolutely brilliant!Power Rangers

I’ve always semi liked the Power Rangers, watching it with my Boy while he was growing up. Then came along the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie. More money to improve effects, loved it.

Then I kinda lost touch after that, and the second movie Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, better left unsaid.

This new one was funny, gritty, bang up to date but with all the old references to the original Angel Grove dwelling, Putty arse kicking, Megazord piloting awesomeness.

If you’re bored one Sunday afternoon give it a… Go Go Power Rangers!

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