There was a time in my very young life that the idea of going outside, being with friends and having fun was very uncomfortable for me. I’d look forward to and be happy for bad weather, a shameful excuse for me not to go outside. I’d just hide away in my bedroom.

I developed a strong liking for rain storms, thunder and lightning. I’d sit on my bedroom window sill and watch the storms as the passed over head, taking in the energy I felt in the air.

Lucky for me my agoraphobic tendencies’ have all but gone away only to be replace by lazy git syndrome. My love of a good storm though is just as strong as it was then. Even now I’ll go back to the Hill from time to time just to enjoy its own unique climate.


As I look out the window

At the darkening grey sky

I wonder what else is out there

As life is passing by

It’s nice an warm in here

But the rain, it makes me cold

As the pitter-patter makes puddles

On pathway of cobbles bold

The trees stand tall and proud

But their colour, a greyish green

Looks more wintery by the hour

And makes for a gloomy scene

As I sit and watch time fly

The weather keeps getting worse

And poor flowers take a beating

From the tyranny of storms curse

But soon the sun will shine

And the clouds will go away

Then a rainbow of coloured lines

Will take charge of the changing day

Copyright© JRFC June 2017
Image from Public Domain Pictures

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