Can’t Find Happy

Before I started this blog I thought I’d put some of my work out there by doing some competitions. The poem I’ve selected today was one that I put forward to a competition run by a London based charity. Known as The Advocacy Project, they help and support people with mental health issues.

The theme of the competition was Healing Words with four entry categories. The category I chose was Darkest Days: Poems from before the dawn of hope.

I’m sure you’ll understand why.

Can’t Find Happy

I want to find Happy, I really do

I want to find it so badly for you

It’s just so hard in the world I’m in

To find such a lovely, wonderful thing

I remember it well; a long time ago

When there was less sorrow and woe

But now it seems to hide from me

In some place that I can’t see

Can you tell me does it still exist?

Somewhere in this gloomy mist

I really, really would like to know

As I don’t want to feel so low

How can I find what isn’t there

Why can’t I feel its warming glare

I’m so fed up of feeling glum

Listening to the same old drum

It has no beat, just the same tone

I wish Happy would find its way home

I have to hope it’s not far away

I hope I’ll find it again someday

Copyright © JRFC Nov 2015
Image from Pixabay



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