Memories of a Childhood Dream

I love Star Wars. The movies, the toys, the comics, the cartoons, yep I love it. It’s not just the superficial view of Star Wars that interests me; it’s the whole concept that makes up the Saga.

So with that in mind my inspiration for this poem was a day walking along the sea front of my home town, people watching and, you guessed it, started to rain and I put my hood up. I went straight back to Episode II.

I’m sure you can figure out the rest.

Memories of a Childhood Dream

As the old man walks

It begins to rain

Lifting his hood

Memories entertain

He’s sent right back

To his childhood days

And a Jedi Knight

With mystical ways

Walking stick in hand

Not in his mind’s eye

A flash of Purple

As it lifts to the sky

But the rain soon passes

The sun comes out

He pulls off his hood

And without a doubt

He’s just the old man

Walking stick in hand

But remembers fondly

That wonderland

Copyright © JRFC July 2017

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