Life is a Rock Opera

Through my intermittent passion for writing, I have had moments when the idea of wanting to write and publish a story was very compelling. Unfortunately, the realisation is that the time and effort it would need is something that I can’t practically give.

Poetry however, does resolve a lot of issues for me. The time it takes to research, the time it takes to write, the time it takes to proof and edit even publishing is just the push of a button. All these points are so very much quicker than the full time requirement and commitment I feel is needed to write a book.

The concept for ‘Life is a Rock Opera’ was the brain child of a very dear friend of mine who, being a musician, wanted to create a piece of music that would tell his side of a story that unfortunately never left the manuscript. Having discussed my idea with him he, with my sincere gratitude, gave up the title to allow me to write my first collection of poems.

It is to him and my other Welsh brethren depicted in this collection that I dedicate it to.

So to friends old, new and renewed, for you entertainment I present to you part one of my first, six part collection of poems, entitled:

An Ode to the Boys

The Boys

As with all stories there’s a beginning and an end

Of love lost and found, of tragedy and godsend

It’s been a long time since this story, untold

Of four young lads and a friendship to behold

So where shall I start to tell their tale

It’s been so long to recall such detail

Well at the beginning, is what most would say

Then sit yourself down, get comfortable, okay

There was Marcus and Jasper and Larry Long

And with Piano Dan, were so headstrong

As individuals they had their own thing

But put together, history in the making

Before they met they had no plan

Though Larry was cool being an American

But Fate decided, set the rule

I’ll put them together, one day, in school

Their friendship grew, opinions geld

Similarities forming and attitudes rebelled

They still liked to challenge no doubt about that

But after the fights became diplomats

Theirs was an age influenced by Glam Rock

A Decade of 80’s New Romantics and Doc’s

Their interests the same and yet so diverse

From Heavy Metal to the Star Wars Universe

There was Prince with his dove’s crying

Iron Maiden were Running to the Hills

And Blondie, who was Dreaming

That the Beatles said ‘I Will’

As time went by

They started to grow

Experimenting all the while

‘Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll’

Then Fate changed the hand

Started messing with the deck

School turned to college

And college… What the feck!

New friends, new ideas

New interests and the like

But they kept it together

On this part of their hike

College came and went

Jobs took its place

Seeing each other less

They began to lose their pace

It don’t happen overnight

They didn’t just fall apart

But they did begin to move away

Fate is a fickle tart

There were moments in between

Attempts to say hello

Uncomfortable exchanges

Severe glancing blows

But here’s not where the story ends

There’s another part to this score

For time mends all wounds

And Fate is challenged once more

This Rock Opera is still full of life

Knocked down but not knocked out

They maybe living through trouble and strife

But there’s time for another bout

Copyright © JRFC May 2017

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