Life is a Rock Opera Pt2


Marcus was romantic

Unique was his taste

Always giving a wink to girls he’d love to ace

A ladies man

He dressed so well

A bottle of Aramis, they would always smell

Five O’clock shadow

   He could easily wear

Like hairless cats others couldn’t compare

Played in a band

Guitars and Drums

He was pretty good with his fingers and thumbs

Watched him once

Doing a gig

In front of the girlies, he was living it big

A Beatles fan

Odd at that time

But his philosophy was their verse and rhyme

Deep and thoughtful

Marcus could be

 It was said his lyrics where meant for Debbie

Besotted he was

She beguiled

To be in the same room would drive him wild

Had funny quirks

A bit weird like

Wanted to knock a man off his bike?

His Dad’s home brew

Have a pint or two

And the pixie’s come out to play with you

Not much for sports

But ten-pin he liked

‘Crash and Burn’ barked with every strike

An only child

His friendship true

He always had the time for you

As friends go

You couldn’t get

As good as he was, my wealth I would bet

That was Marcus…

Image from Pexels

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