Life is a Rock Opera Pt3



Then there was Jasper

With a want for freewill

The dreamer of the pack

Whose mind was never still

Not the smartest of the troop

But their company he loved

Although sometimes with Dan

Was a push and a shove

Jasper was the movie man

From under-the-counter they came

Classic video nasties

 Not what you‘d call acclaimed

Was also a bit of a gamer

All started with a cassette

School lunches in the computer room

Playing ‘Scramble’ on the PET

And if the room was locked

Played cards at the lunch room top table

Larry’s Mams, tuna fish sandwich

Always a lunch time staple

As for all the girlies

Bad chat up lines he knew

But there was Amanda and Jane

Early relationships that never grew

He tried a bit of acting

Played the heartless Tin Man

Fell in love with his makeup artist

And left behind his oil can

Not much of a dancer

But Hip Hop he loved

Rapping J for a moment or three

But that idea was soon shoved

Another memory that I recall

Were his father’s raves

New Years Eve at Jaspers House

Where everyone misbehaved

I think he turned out alright

A little bit radio rental

Stomping loudly through life

With passion his main credential


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