Frustrations of a Desk Jockey

How About a break from the Opera.

So I work in an IT department, well more on the admin side of that department and have very little understanding of the why’s & wherefores of the politics there.

I’ve thought many a time ‘why not change jobs’, a very good idea eh peeps, but I must confess that the fringe benefits that my employer provides do outweigh my enthusiasm to go. Besides I now have this little side-line to keep my mind occupied… WooHoo!!


Frustrations of a Desk Jockey

See them run

Seems no fun

Like Techno Ants they scurry

Clickety clack

Keyboards tapped

I sit and watch, so dreary

Their own clique

And techno speak

In a world of virtuality

Servers and Clouds

Interfaces’ abound

I don’t want the anxiety

Business rules

Cyber Tools

Keeping up with the frenzy

Who knows the most?

Who’s first past the post?

One day I hope to be free!

Copyright © JRFC Oct 2017

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