Colours in Green

The meteorological first day of Spring has come and gone and British summertime has began and this is why I love where I live. It doesn’t really matter what the weather, being a coastal city, I’m lucky to have more than one beach to visit where a different story can be told if time allowed.

One thing that does stick out in my mind is the repetitive cycle of wild flowers that pop up over different parts of the city and beach front. Every year, a new patch seems to spring up from nowhere, especially along our main beach road from the town centre to the pier point.

It really is a site to see and the inspiration for my poem below.

Colours in Green

I love seeing colours in green

Packets of random seed

Scattered and all grown up

Mosaics of Wild Flowers

I could stare for hours

Puts a smile on my day

What ever the mood I’m feeling

Copyright © JRFC Aug 2017

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