Life is a Rock Opera Pt4

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Larry Long

There was a young American

His name was Larry Long

Blonde Hair

Blue Eyes

An accent of pure song

Tall and thin if memory serves

As clever as they come

Good looking

Zit Free

A Package, the total sum

Came over here in ’78’

This Boy from another State

His friendship strong

An adventure, long

He soon became their mate

He lived on a road, a spectacular place

With a park that had a sea view

This was their club

Their social hub

The girlies were invited too

An all rounder was that Larry

Music, film and book

“Listen to this”

“Read that”

“Just take a look”

Tina Richy, a long time love

A good looker if memory serves

Lucky was he

When feeling frisky

She had a nice set of curves

One afternoon quite by surprise

He decided to mitch off School

‘I’m off to bed’

‘No way’ they said

But off he went… So cool!

What else can be said about Larry?

A true friend through and through

He was there

With time to spare

And a helping hand just for you

copyright © JRFC May 2017
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