Life is a Rock Opera Pt5

Piano Dan

What can I tell you

About Piano Dan

As well as being

An exceptional man

Clever and talented

Most people would say

But the green eyed monster

Kept staring his way

He didn’t deserve

The lot he got

But he stood his ground

Rooted to the spot

With shoulders held high

And an attitude that fit

He showed those Feckers

He didn’t give a shit

As his name suggests

Piano was his thing

He tickled old Joanna

Knew how to make her sing

It was Dan that started

The ‘Metal’ craze

And played its part

Through his rebellious phase

Loved acting too

Knew a certain Zeta-Jones

Played the Cowardly Lion once

With scaredy-cat undertones

Then there were the girlies

Each special in their own way

Like ‘Mexican Kate’

And the lovely T Jay

He never seemed

To stick with one

But then again

He was out for fun

And with the three

He played his part

With his passion and wit

And a loud rebel heart

Copyright © JRFC May 2017
Image from Public Domain Pictures

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