Life is a Rock Opera Pt6

Well this is the last part of my first collection of poems. About a group of boys who through luck, fate, karma or whatever it is you believe in are, nearly 40 years later, still the best of friends.

I thank each of them for their belief in me telling this story and the support they’ve shown in the comments they’ve giving.

Love you Guys.


Who’d have guessed; well here’s to the next…


So where did I leave this tale

Not to dwell to long on the past

Life was getting in their way

Loyalties began to fray

Their time together… Going; Going: Gone


But time does seem to mend all wounds


A chance reunion, fate dropped the ball

Thinking she’d heard the fat lady sing

Turned her back for a moment

Just enough for Luck to step in

And give them a chance reunion


That was enough


It started off small

After all, fate had split them apart

Back together, slow and steady

After such long independent adventures

Were they ready? Oh Yeah!


Them Good Ole Boys!


It was like stepping back through all those years

After all, their memories were that old

This time though with a little self control and maturity

Just a little

They got lost in reminisce; the place they came from


They were back


Party of four from way back then

Laughing, Crying, Loving, Hating

Larger than life

Travelling down times avenue

And back again


Young adolescents to older, wiser… adolescence


The Charmer, The Dreamer, The American, The Rebel

Regrets laid waste, friendship refreshed

Still strong, moving on

Teaching each other the ways of their new lives

All the while honouring their past


A newly found mutual respect


In the beginning

They came together with no commitment

Never considering a lifelong agreement

Now reunited

They don’t live in each other’s pockets

They enjoy quality time when they’re together


Living in the moment


That’s what it’s about

Forgive and forget, trust not doubt

Life’s simplicities

A movie, a curry, a pint, a game of pool

That’s what keeps them the best of friends


A Toast: To Marcus, Jasper, Larry and Dan


So that’s the end of my story but theirs will carry on

Lifelong friends, Brotherly love, a unique phenomenon

But one last sentiment, before I refrain

Here’s to their Rock Opera… Long may it reign!

Copyright © JRFC May 2017


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