Chester the Pester

It was unfortunate that over the Easter Holiday we had to have our family dog put to sleep. He had developed a neurological condition that had been caused by his circus dog antics some 18 months before.

I know to some he’d probably only be considered a dog but to us he was the smile on our face, the laughter in our belly and the pain in our arse. He filled the spaces in our home that are now quiet and bare.

We miss him terrible but love him lots and will never be far from our memories.

To Chester…

Chester the Pester

I was told he was a blue roan

But I saw black and white

That bundle of furry pest

Brought our family home to light

We had him from a small pup

I remember the day he came home

The kids were going bonkers for

This picture of live monochrome

My Mrs. thought of his name

He’ll be called Chester, she decreed

He reminds me of a chessboard

As he jumped up against her knee

So many moments I can recall

Through his life of eleven years

Moments through fits of laughter

Shouting at him as he disappears

The good times when we loved him

Playing with toys and giving us cwtches

To the times he was a pain in the arse

Scratching the kitchen door to wake us

To that moment, it happened so quickly

An old neck wound gone bad from before

His back legs were getting weaker

He couldn’t handle the pain anymore

So to the vets to get a check up

But the problem had gone too far

I couldn’t make the decision

I loved this superstar

But no more could be done for our boy

The decision was made on our behalf

With heartfelt respect and gentle kindness

He was helped along a different path

We held him close and said our goodbyes

That moment hurt so badly

Not wanting to let go of him

As he just lay there so peacefully

But I know He’s in a better place

So don’t be unhappy for our little chap

He’s with all of our family, moved on

Tail stump wagging causing all kinds of mishap

Copyright © JRFC April 2018


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