A Pessimists Interpretation

Confession time: I love the poem IF… As I mentioned in my last post, to me it is inspiration personified. However, during one of my moments I consider the possibility of an opposite side to this poem, a more pessimistic side.

My Mrs always bangs on at me about how so Libran I am. Always looking for balance, being two sides of the same coin. Of course she’s right, she’s my Mrs.

On this occasion though, feeling particularly grumpy about stuff in general I decide that this poem needed the moody reflection of itself and I set myself the challenge to write it.

This is the result.

A Pessimists Interpretation

Keep your head the poem said

Not the easiest thing to do

And trust comes at a price

When life is pounding you

There’s no time for waiting,

When being pushed from pillar to post

Lies give way to hating

There’s no lenience when you boast

Sometimes dreaming is all you have

As ideas are easily crushed

And disaster seems so normal

When triumph can’t be touched

When the truth you hold is black and white

It’s not easy letting others know

You’re never too old to start again

But age says different as you grow

You don’t have the means to gamble

It’s safer not to try

Your luck is non existent

Why kiss your pride goodbye

Giving in is so much easier

‘Can’t be bothered’, a common phrase

Why try; to end in failure

And never get the praise

It’s so much easier to keep

Your own company in a crowd

That way life can’t hurt you

You’re safer beneath your shroud

So just keep doing what you do

Don’t try to change or amend

Keep one eye over your shoulder

It will soon enough come to an end

Copyright © JRFC November 2015
Image from pxhere, modified by JRFC

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