A Ditty for My Boy

My son and I share a lot of traits and interests together; however, this unfortunately includes our emotions. Like me he can get very defensive about situations he truly believes in. What most people call intense, moody or loud we call good ole fashion Welsh passion… Yes Boyo, hi five’s and fist bumps !!

One particular situation on one particular day, his ‘passion’ was bubbling over and after one of our father-2-son-2 father chats he was able to take it down a couple of gears and rethink his situation. This did though give me the inspiration to write for him this next piece.

It’s not the original, for personal reasons, but it’s a fair representation. Hope you enjoy.

A Ditty for My Boy

Hey there, my boy

C.T.F. Out

Step back, relax and breathe

You don’t need to pout


Who decides what’s right or wrong?

We both know life’s a poo

But don’t you scream and shout

Just keep your values true.


Don’t you worry about

Proving yourself to them

They can walk on by

And live in their own mayhem


I know how hard it is

I’ve worn the T-Shirt too

But I know you’re better than me

So be a better man, be you.

Copyright © JRFC August 2017
Image from pxhere

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