My Other Special Friend

How do you say goodbye to a friend?

Friend’s come from all places and in all guises. Friends mean different things to different people. Friends stay, friends leave, it is what it is… Life.

There are those of us that have life-long, special friends. I’m one of the lucky ones; we may not see each other all the time, but we have a love and respect for each other that won’t go away.

Some may be just pen pals or blogging buddies thousands of miles away sharing a friendly thought or two.

There are those that are here today, gone the next. You meet, you get on, you leave. It may seem short and sweet but it leaves an impression. For that brief moment you were friends.

I said goodbye to a friend recently.

I’ve known her a long time. We started out as colleagues and became friends. Although our lives were very diverse and far apart we knew that we could talk with each other, or in my case rant, and the world would be put right again.

You might think that our time together is over and you might be right, the realisation was mentioned before she left. Does it need to be the end though, why should it. In a world that’s so connected there’s no reason at all for it to be the end.

Besides, friends are special, precious even. We should appreciate them more. Keep in touch with them, have a drink from time to time of just a simple text to say hello and make sure their well. So to answer my own question… How do you say goodbye to a friend? – DON’T !!

This poem I’ve written for her and for all friends special or otherwise.

My Other Special Friend

I said goodbye to you

You went on your way

My special friend

Until another day

I’ll not forget the time we had

I’ll wish you the very best

As you start your next chapter

I hope your life is blessed

If this is goodbye for you and me

And we are to be apart

You’ll always be a memory

In my cold and grumpy heart

There’s no need to get upset

The good times we’ll remember

Some times were sad, some were bad

But we always made it better

I can’t say goodbye to you,

Won’t let you go my friend

Now that you’re a part of me

Something I won’t amend

If you ever need to have a chat

A rant or a little cry

Just shout out and call for me

I’ll always be nearby

Copyright © JRFC April 2018
Image from Pixabay

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