A Dark State of Mind

Disclaimer: Don’t panic… I’m not grumpy!

My next collection of poems is my story; my interpretation, of where I was and where I am today as some who suffers with depression. I wrote this first part way back when and written subsequent parts a little later on. I must say when I read this back it always makes me shudder.

Still, I am very passionate about this first poem as it was what I consider to be my first real poem and very happy to be able to share it with you. It also inspired to me to write the collection that I’m going to publish over the coming days.

I hope you like.

A Dark State of Mind

Looking from the outside in

All seems well

A façade to disguise an underlying impression

Not to be viewed by the outside world

For risk of alienation


Hiding in this world

Although hide would be the wrong word

As a want to break free from this entrapment

Seems like a never achieving moment

Unless confession is given


But to confess

Relief in one hand

Damnation in the other

Two sides of the same coin

But tarnished none the less


A continued state of loneliness

Behind the eyes of the lonely

Family and Friends

Distorted worse than a carnival mirror

Fearful Phantoms in a cold mist


Chemical intervention a likely option

But to succumb to such a need

Would again require an opening

For Stigmatism to tattoo its brand

On another victim in an unwelcoming world


What else then… Death

Another inconceivable notion

Frowned upon by the very world

That frowns upon a depressed life

Finding it difficult to help


But to succeed

What would be left behind?

The Fearful Phantoms

Weeping for their loss

Of the Wretch

Who was trapped in a dark state of mind

Copyright © JRFC September 2015


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