A Dark State of Mind Pt2

“Chemical intervention a likely option

But to succumb to such a need

Would again require an opening

For Stigmatism to tattoo its brand

On another victim in an unwelcoming world”

The Revelation

It’s done

Call it what you will

The Tattoo branded

Stigmatism handed

To a new but not so unfamiliar Traveller

Having to walk his path, his way


To the Parlour he went

A choice given, the Blue Pill or the Red

The Rabbit Hole awaits

Cliché’ after cliché came to mind

Yet somehow gave relief

To the journey about to be taken


What changed the Travellers mind?

Fear, Anger, Dismay

Bravery, Strength, Love

All the above and so much more

He couldn’t go on, for fear of losing it all

To a different path, far worse but well trod


So it’s done, the Red Pill taken

An unknown journey of mystery and emotion

Lay ahead with a journal to keep him company

Lots to write but no words dared to say

A secret journey, only to be shared

By Allies closest to him

Copyright © JRFC December 2015

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