A Dark State of Mind Pt3

The Journey by Day

The first steps he feels are easy

He’s read the map, knows the pitfalls

And puts them to the back of his mind

So as not to be haunted by false positives

He’s prepared, he’s ready

He’s on his way


But thinking about the road

And the baggage he has to carry

He soon realises that his trip is long; lived

There’s no easy answer

And the shadow begins to reveal itself

On his heels, cold clammy claws


In the back of his mind

The sense of uncertainty

That fog bound Shadow

Waiting to pounce at the very moment

The traveller’s doubt is at his greatest

The moment he’s at his lowest


Like an addicts need

The temptation is hard to resist

He persists through the moment

Concentrating on his concerns of relapse

He proceeds on his journey

By taking his next steps

Copyright © JRFC December 2015
Image from Pexels

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