A Dark State of Mind Pt4

The Journey by Night

During the nights he wakes

Sounds pierce the air

Struggling to determine what they are

He lies there waiting for the next

But it doesn’t come

Nor does sleep return


Struggle as he does to slip back into slumber

Hypochondria decided to greet him on the trail

Playing with his mind and body

Time seemed to pass so slowly

While tricksters danced and sang

Minutes later, hours had passed


All is well

But feeling tired and cold

He’s woken again

Not through anxiety or distress

Just woke, feeling awake.

As if short, deep sleep is enough


The nights are taken their toll

He’s unsure why he’s waking

It’s too early to rise

Waking again after disturbed sleep

But it is morning and the night is over

Until the next

Copyright © JRFC December 2015
Image from Pexels

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