A Dark State of Mind Pt5

Here then is the last part of this collection. It’s a shitty journey but it’s my journey and I’ll keep on walking for as long as I can.

Madness can wait for the Dark State of Mind

The Traveller continues on his way

Single moments of relapse

Memories of troubled mind

But he steps back, takes a breath

And weary, he rests

As life seems easier to accept


Did he need to take this journey?

Did he have to succumb?

When all he had to do

Was ignore the Jesters of the world

An old lie disguised as truth

He smiles


He knows he’s not prefect

It’s not a perfect world

But for now all is well, calm

And with a brightened mood

Continues on his way

A good day


Mindful of the moment

He’s breathing, seeing, hearing all

It’s been a long time

And by keeping this simple philosophy

In his mind’s eye

The traveller gets by…

Copyright © JRFC December 2015

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