The Jekyll and Hyde in Me

So here is the second part of my duet and quite ironically how I’ve been kinda feeling over the last few days. Ask my Mrs, she’d be glad to testify to it LOL.

The Hyde in Me

There are times when a little psychosis

Just gets the better of me

It maybe those video nasties

They just seem to fill me with glee


I’ve been known to get a little nutty

And what makes it worse, I confess

I like how I feel when I’m off my head

It helps to relieve my stress


I’d be well placed in the type of home

Like the Addams’ on TV

I should put myself up for fostering

I’m sure that they’d agree


The veil of red mist starts to fall

I spark, go into overdrive

Shouting and cursing to those in my sights

As the monster just comes alive


The idea’s that move through my mind

Brings a wry smile to my face

Thoughts I must not utter

But send me to a happy place


Scenario’s play out like those movies

My imagination light’s up with glee

And faces both present and past

Are removed demonically


Ideas of fright and horror

Nightmares without a face

I hide the Jekyll in me

May be scary, but I love this place


Then I came down, the mist clears

I’m no longer the lunatic Hyde

Woke up to the collateral damage

Fell to my knees and cried

Copyright © JRFC June 2018

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