The Ghost on the Step

A true story; I shit you not.

The Ghost on the Step

The night was cold with a clear sky

My breath like smoke and stars twinkled high

I remember it well like it was just last night

The ghost on the step that gave me a fright


Leaving my neighbours, mother in tow

She busy gassing, me wanting to go

I looked down the street and saw it right there

Just sat on the step, quietly I swear


It was sitting about five doors down

With no expression, no smile, no frown

Between the gate posts, looking lonely; lost

Cemented in place by the evening frost


It seemed to be wearing an old night gown

Pale and white like a pierrot clown

And a glow, an aura shimmering bright

Bathed in the rays of the full moon light


I tugged my Mam’s arm to get her attention

All I wanted was a brief digression

But she kept on nattering pulled away from me

I just wanted to be sure that she could see


She final turned with an impatient groan

“What do you want?” was her scolding tone

“Can you see it sitting there?”

“See what” she said with a squinting glare


I looked at her, looked back at it

Sitting quiet, all moonlit

Was this not real in front of me?

My imagination, could she not see?


I climbed the wall, mother walked the path

Into my house I’m on the warpath

“Mam” I said like I was chief

“Couldn’t you see” in disbelief


She went to the window and with a stare

Turned back to me “There’s nothing there”

I didn’t believe her so I peered out

But it was gone, there was no doubt


Still I remember that night so well

I looked and watched under its spell

The lonely figure in the night’s light

The ghost on the step that gave me a fright

Copyright © JRFC June 2018
Image from Pixabay, modified by JRFC

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