Freddy’s Coming for You

Hey you Guys and Gals, this piece is inspired by one of my favourite movie collections. No prizes for guessing what it’s called.

And what ever you do… Don’t fall asleep!

Freddy’s coming for you

“Freddy wants to be your friend”

Don’t you be a fool

“Come on, be nice to Freddy”

You know he can be cruel


“Freddy’s outside”

He’s not here for fun

“Why don’t you come see Freddy?”

Why have I been chosen?


“Freddy’s at your door”

What was that scratch

“Don’t upset Freddy”

He’s opening the latch


“Freddy’s in your house”

Do I run, do I hide

“You’re making Freddy Angry”

Oh why can’t I decide?


“Freddy knows where you are”

He’s coming up the stairs

“You can’t get away from Freddy”

The worst of my nightmares


“Freddy’s found you, you little shit”

This has to be a windup

“Can’t get away from Freddy now”



I’m alive, it was a dream

I thought I was whipped

Wow, it must have been intense

All my bed sheets are ripped


Copyright © JRFC July 2018
Image from Kisspng

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