She Came From Nowhere

Another challenge met, I’m beginning to like these little challenges. This one, over with our fellow compadres at The literati mafia, was to take three suggested Poetry Prompts and put them in a poem. Just like that.

So here’s my attempt, first published on The literati mafia. The prompts have been slanted (that’s italicised to the professionals) to show where I’ve added them.

I hope you have nightmare… I mean enjoy. MwaHaaHaaaa.

To much? Sorry.

She Came From Nowhere

They trod carefully across the uneven ground

Oil lamp’s held firmly in hand

Dimly lighting their way through the old cemetery

The frosty air was cold and bland


They weren’t afraid of the evening’s darkness

Just afraid of getting caught

Neither were they ready for the fate that lie ahead

From the bloody onslaught


She came from nowhere with fangs of white

They just stood and shiver

And as each one fell from her vicious bite

The lamps continued to flicker


Copyright © JRFC July 2018
Image from Kisspng, modified by JRFC.


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