Rushing Headlong – The Mush from the Hill

First published on Free Verse Revolution, a division of Blank Paper Press


I thought I didn’t want fame and glory

But jealousy is kicking in

I’m ashamed to admit

Feeling stuck in a pit

I want more than just a fling


I see all the good writers out there

I thought I could be one

But I look inside

And I can’t hide

From the person that’s come undone


I only ever wanted

To stand amongst the crowd

To feel apart

Of this profound art

To hold me head up proud


But here I am again

Feeling guilty as I do

Nothing’s changed

Still ashamed

Just longing to write like you


Could you tell me if I’m doing wrong?

This pitiful plea for help

Just sounds like I am

Throwing toys from the pram

Whimpering like a childish whelp


I’ve said what I had to say

Feeling better but know I’ve done wrong

I’ve said too much

No loving touch

Brain disengaged, rushing headlong


My apologies one and all

But my symptoms crave attention

I’m not at my best

But it’s off my chest

Please forgive this man’s depression


Copyright © JRFC July 2018

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