Downer day again, I confess I’m in a real grump. My Mrs keeps telling me that ‘I’m not happy unless I’m moaning about something’. Maybe she’s right… What am I saying she’s always right LOL. It’s just; when I see ‘things’ that really get on my nervous they set off my inner Hyde.

Brain disengages, mouth takes over and the rest is history.

Even though the moments aren’t good for my health or my families sanity there are occasions when it just feels right. Not my actions, they could be better handle (for today’s society) but that single moment when it begins, the single thought that chafes my ass, in my mind makes my feelings justifiable.

Some think I’m just too sensitive and need to toughen up, change my way of thinking and my reply to them is normally profanities; I do like Hyde sometimes.

I can feel my ramblings are on the verge of ranting and I don’t want to waste your time so here’s the poem, I hope you like it. I hope get it.



I wish I could know the triggers

That set’s me spiralling

Into the ‘D’ Word

Setting off my Hyde Mode

Riding the crest of the wave

Not being able to see, not wanting

To see the devastation

As the wave crashes over the scenery below


I wish I could know the triggers

A clue, a hint that would help me

Draw my head back in

Before it pops and starts to sin

All over an unwelcoming crowd

Caught in the blast radius

Of my atomic wraith

No four minute warning


I wish I could know the triggers

Or do I?

Maybe I don’t know because

The self in me protects

Flight or fight

Injustice, hypocrisy, untruths

‘Fake News’

Just leave me and my triggers be!


Copyright © JRFC May 2018
Image from Pixabay

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