My Paranormal A to Z

This may be considered a lazy poem and I’d probably agree. The thing is, not wanting to give excuses, I’m still feeling a little iffy. So I put this together just for a bit of fun.

Hope you kinda like.

My Paranormal A to Z

I’m a very open minded guy

To the wonders of the world

Both natural and supernatural, realities unfurled


Talking about the type of things

That really interest me

Here’s an A to Z of the spooky I’d like to see



Bermuda Triangle

Crop Circles on the ground



Fairies would dumbfound


Holy Spear

Indigo Children living somewhere

Jersey Devil

King Arthur’s Legend

Ley Lines stretching far out there


Nasca Lines

Ouija Board; the game



Sasquatch isn’t tame?



Vampires who bite in the night



Yeti’s all covered in white

Zombies to finish

Who wouldn’t believe?

A Voodoo curse for all to perceive


Some may say I’m bonkers

But I don’t really care

I’ve got big shoulders and avoid their glare


I believe in every one of them

But I haven’t seen a Q

Is it something you believe or am I too mad for you?


Copyright © JRFC August 2018
Image from Pixabay


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