It’s a Century !

A Century

welshflag2Diolch i chi i gyd yn fawr iawn

Thank you all very much



As I’ve seen this done before I too would like to recognise and send my appreciation to all of you who have joined my blog. This is also to everyone who has read my pages, added a like and joined me on Facebook. Even those who have just surfed on by, I thank you for you curiosity.

This may not be seen as much to some and I’ve always said this blog is not about fandom but a lot of my life has been around targets, goals and profit margins. It’s been so nice just to do this without the need for an end state and please don’t be too critical of me when I say you Guys and Gals just make it all worth while.

I may not be writing everyday but I do have a story to tell. It may be about my lighter side, my darker side or just something from my imagination.

The cherry on the top for me though is that it’s me burfday so thank you for all this lovely gift.

Have a great evening. Laters Peeps.



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