The Organ Grinder or the Monkey

First published on Free Verse Revolution, a division of Blank Paper Press.


I’ve made an executive decision

I’m taking no more shit

As a sufferer of depression

I’m content to recognise it


I’m fed up of the way

That it takes hold of me

Anxiety and panic attacks

No more, I have to break free


Hindsight’s a wonderful thing

I’ve known for a long time now

The shadows that trigger my fear

Oppression I can no longer allow


History is history

It can’t hurt me any more

And the future is not yet made

It’s the place I can start to explore


But now I need to remember

Be mindful of this day

Of everyone around me

All special in their own way


I thought I knew my pathway

I’ve walked it for long enough

But life is not what it seems

And I’ve had my share of tough


So with one foot in front of the other

And one mindful day at a time

I’m putting depression on a leash

I’m labelling it a crime


It’s going back in the cage

In the dark recesses of my mind

Only to be fed once in a while

Keep it controlled, keep it aligned


It may be a part of me

But no more will it take control

I’m taking charge from now on

Balance my ultimate goal


Free; Free; you’ll never be Free

Can’t you see?

You and I are we

You have nowhere to flee

The Organ Grinder or the monkey

You will never choose to be…


Copyright © JRFC September 2018


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