Love at First Comic Con

I wasn’t looking for love

But there she was

All dressed up for the occasion

My eyes working my way up

Lost in her vision

It’s the princess

Brown felt boots

Caressed her gentle step

A slave girl’s outfit

Curves moved with a gentle sway

Long Brown hair tied back

The gentle plait lay over her shoulder

WOW… Her vision encapsulates me

Forehead sweating

Heart palpitating

I avert my eyes

Only to see

In front of me

A different height

A different shape

But it’s her in all her glory

My mouth now dry

I walk on by

And see her again

A little shorter this time

But I don’t mind, while

Trying to hide my trembling

Trying to compose

A teenage dream

Aahhh… Love at first Comic Con

Copyright © JRFC October 2018
The image found on this post is readily available in various places on the internet and believed to be in the public domain. I hope no one minds.

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