In the Garden

Sitting in the cool air of the garden

Waiting for something to write

Ear Buds sing gentle folk tunes

While a glass of wine sits patently

For the next sip; I gently smile


The green beans that keep

Sprouting from flowers, like magick

A plant full of red juicy tomatoes

Plump and inviting

Just waiting for their harvest


Flowers in bloom

Don’t know there names

But I know there colour

Firework bursts of Pink and White

From long green stems that go on forever


The deep burgundy tree

Planted in remembrance

Of a loyal friend

His favourite toys

Scattered around the trunk


Then I let my imagination run free

Watching the Garden gnomes

Having their fun tending the garden

While waiting for the door to open

To Fairies, singing and dancing in the garden.


Copyright © JRFC September 2018
Image from Pixabay

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