The Craftsman

Once upon a time there was a Mush that lived on a hill who needed to do something with his life. He failed at school, quit college and was about to jump off a pier when a wise old man called out; ‘Hey Mush, come work for me and be my apprentice!’

And for the next twelve years the Mush learnt everything he could possibly know about jewellery and watches and clocks.

Oh yes Peeps, I was a Jeweller in a past life and although I’m now a desk jockey (yay) I’ve never lost my love or passion for jewellery and design. This poem is my tribute and my memory of the feeling of making someone happy with a piece of jewellery that was a one off, unique item for them and no one else.

BTW the items pictured below… I made them (wink, wink, smug grin).

The Craftsman

DreamcatcherHis universe wraps around him

As he sits in the crescent moon recess

Of his worn wooden bench

Every notch, gouge and etching

A signed memory


With leather tarp draped neatly over his lap

No bits or slivers will be left behind this day

As he works in the microverse

Every tap, every cut, every twist and turn he makes

Precise motion with no deviation


Surrounded by silver and gold

And crystals of shape and colour

He begins his alchemy

Turning the raw into splendour

Like magick


His fingers float over his menagerie of tools

Devices of possible torture

No; wands for every spell

Ready to do his bidding

Like genies of his imagination


And so begins the creation

What will it be today?

Keeping us guessing

Piece by piece

The jigsaw comes together


A bit of spit and polish, it’s finishedEarrings

Ready to adorn those who believe it worthy

His only want, his only need

The smile it creates and the joy it will bring

Paid in full, the Craftsman’s work is done


Copyright © JRFC October 2018
Feature Image from Pixabay 

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