Boogeyman – The Mush from the Hill

First published on Free Verse Revolution, a division of Blank Paper Press.


monster-426996_1920He haunts my dreams

Without warning he’s there!

I’m all alone

I know this place

But obscurity blurs my vision

Along with the damp, foggy night

I walk toward an old roundabout

It’s on the edge of a field

Just a small play area

I remember

It’s part of a childhood

Where friends played

On innocent afternoons

With bicycles parked on the hard concrete

But it’s cold and wet

Lamp light struggles in the gloom  

And I look as it begins to turn

I’m afraid

It’s him, he’s coming

It’s him, he’s nearby

It’s him, he’s so close

It’s Him.

An ominous shadow

Bulking, menacing

Eerily shimmering in the dark light

And I freeze in the sound of his voice

He bawls incomprehensively

A noise that sends terror

Through my being, in fear

Of his next action

That never comes

Just the noise and the threat

I want to…

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