Fortunes for the Unfortunate

With Halloween approaching next week, I think I’ve excelled myself and prepared for your entertainment a week of fangtastic and spooktacular posts (snigger). Oh come on, you know you love it.

So to kick it off I’ve written this little number inspired by the readings of the ‘Meet Me at the Carnival’ series over on Raw Earth Ink. I asked the lovely Ms Caribou if she’d mind me doing a spin off of part one and she obligingly agreed.

This is the result. I hope I’ve done her work justice and she as well as you Guys and Gals enjoy.

Fortunes for the Unfortunate

The carnival was closing for the night

As he stumbled through the grounds

Beer and half eaten chilli dog in hand

Groaning and bumping into those leaving

Angry at every drop of beer spilled

Wading through his own self pity


His fractured ego looking for an answer

To his unjust and sudden demise

Dragging his Fendi’s through the dust

To as far as he could go and the tent

Standing there in front of him

Daring him to go in


He chuckled to himself disdainfully

Is this all he had left?

Has he been reduced to this?

A purple and black-striped canvas tent

Worn on the edges

Patches here and there


What could he lose having nothing left?

He’ll play along with this farcical irony

Abstinent from any guilt or remorse

He pushed back the flap and walked in

To see everything he expected but

The beauty of the stereotypical gypsy


Presumptuous attitude still flying high

He stumbled and began to sit

To be faced with an index finger

Without even a glance she scorned

“Do not sit until I invite”

As she continued to place tarot on the table


Impatiently waiting, ready to turn

She looks up, looks within

He’s uncomfortable, squirming

“Tonight you die”

Could mean any number of things?

This time he does turn as her gaze drops


Stepping out its seems cooler, darker now

A sobered look sees a half eaten chilli dog

Cold yes, but he takes a last bite

Swallowing turns to choking; turns to poetic justice

As he falls and hears the gypsy’s last words

“Fortunes for the unfortunate”


Copyright © JRFC October 2018
Image from Pixabay


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