Be Careful What You Wish For

Welcome back and Happy Halloween!!

So here’s the next of my two posts today, no it’s not a trick I think it’s a real treat (see what I did there). I know it was a real treat for me to write because I wasn’t alone doing it. This is my first collaboration Guys and Gals and just like Crossfit, I partnered up and was under pressure to perform.

Seriously though, I want to thank Tara Caribou over at Raw Earth Ink for being brave enough to give a newbie a chance. I’ve been stalking following her since, more or less, the moment I started blogging and her work is amazing (she’s quite a nice person as well snigger).

Now fly!


Mwah Haa Haaa

Be Careful What You Wish For

She’s hungry, looking for her next lover

The vampire-thing last year ran its course

Yeti was fun for a while

The faun was highly overrated


This year is going to be different

Her desires will be satisfied for sure

Tapping her chin in thought with a long purple nail

Aha! An idea springs to mind


Why do I bother I never get lucky

And I always look great at a costume party

I’ve bought at least one from every stall

Only the best from comic con’s hall


Maybe this year will be my time

Why shouldn’t it, I’m in my prime

 A geek, a nerd… Who the hell cares

It can’t be worse than the other nightmares


Dressing for success means tight leggings

And a vine wrapped around her arm

Dark, glittery makeup accentuates her eyes

Her provocative dress screams Earth Sorceress


I’ll dress as I am, let them sneer

Tell them I’m a serial killer

I’ll take my prop, the rubber knife

That’ll scare the sycophant low life


Arriving to the party fashionably late

Her eyes scan and immediately fall on the One

He’s uncomfortable, he’s unsure, he’s perfect

This year is gonna be different indeed


One more beer and I’ll call it a day

Erm; who is that woman walking my way

She’s dress to kill; don’t look, don’t stare  

Look her nails match the purple in her hair


She doesn’t mix her words, no

It’s straight to the point

‘You and me, Killer, are going to be busy tonight

I’ve got a desire for someone just like you.’


What do I say, what do I do

She looks amazing I don’t have a clue

Play it cool “Hi, how are you”

Holy shit I’m gonna spew


Taking him home is just the first step

First it’s a special-brewed tea, just a hint of a spell

Nothing too terribly over-the-top

She knows from experience, one cup and he’s hers


How did I get here, what’s the catch?

Did she just put the door off the latch?

A cup of tea, a herbal brew

Guess it can’t hurt, a sip or two


As they sit on the couch drinking tea

And the conversation grows and deepens

She finds herself drawn in by him

A piece seems to fit into place


Bloody hell and OMG

What is this spell she has over me?

I’ll stick around, no you should go

Just enjoy this black widow’s bordello


Maybe what’s been missing this whole time

Is a connection with someone who’s real

She decides to drink the tea with him

This is shaping up to be the best Halloween ever


Her skin’s so pale, why do I fear

Purple in her eyes; why am I here

A nightmare, a dream; just make-believe

I think it’s time I took my leave


Gripping his wrist she begs him to stay

As expected he can’t turn her down

Her nail runs down his wrist and in she leans

Lips upon lips, teeth against teeth


Her touch is so beguiling but I’m no Romeo

She’s wrapped around my senses, won’t let me go

I never expected this to be so supernatural

She has a grip on me like fingers in my skull


As he lays there sleeping she casts another spell

She’ll do anything to keep him here

Night turns to day and day turns to night

Incantations layering neatly across his eyes


How long have I been here, lost in her touch

What is this I’m feeling, why don’t I care as much

I can’t let this go on even when I want to stay

Is this love or am I cursed, I have to get away


Imagine her surprise when come Monday morn

He’s slipped from her room with ease

This has never happened before

And so days turn to weeks and she rages at her loss


She’ll never forget when a nerd bested the witch


Find out how the story continues.

Copyright © Tara Caribou & JRFC October 2018
Image from Pixabay

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