We Are Not Alone

Let’s have some fun. Hands up those who like The X Files?

I do; I do !!

We Are Not Alone

Mysteries from the universe

We are not alone

UFO’s and little green men

Close encounters of the unknown


Driving along the highway

Stars shine bright in the sky

And the full moon seems to follow

As you shudder, mouth goes dry


The car begins to tremble

Radio goes awry

Head lights start to flicker

Engine begins to die


The car comes to a halt

In the darkness of the night

When your eyes are suddenly blinded

By a brilliant spectral light


Your body starts to lift

Being pulled from the insides out

Stopped only by the roof

You open your mouth to shout


Waking up in the cold wet grass

Looking up at the starry sky

You wonder what just happened

How much time has flown right by?


Disorientation fills your head

As you get up from the ground

And walking back to your lonely car

Your stomachs like a merry-go round


Shivering you start the engine

As you look to see the clock

Hours have vanished so quickly

Memory gone, you sit in shock


You wrap your arms around yourself

Then rub them both together

To find the scars you never had

And the nightmare that lasts forever


Copyright © JRFC October 2018
Image from Pixabay

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