Words From Afar

Why do you tease?

With words from afar

That I have grown to love

And believe


Words I read so personally

Only to be passed by

And forgotten

By the next page you write


You draw me in with your

Warmth and kindness

And excite with your

Sensual fiery odes


Only to leave me

With words of pain

Like needle points

Stabbing the mind, the heart


Oh how I’ve come to love

Those words

But no longer can I accept

They are for me


So I will continue to read

Dutifully yet scorned

And turn away, melancholy

Doting on every word from afar


Copyright © JRFC November 2018
Image from Pixabay

12 thoughts on “Words From Afar

  1. Gina says:

    i fall in love with words and often have a huge crush on an author, knowing nothing about them, just that their words touch and influence me. It is odd how we can connect through this medium yet would probably hate each other in real life. I mean not you and me but generally speaking. I like this poem, I think it narrates how powerful our words can be when given and then takes away.

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  2. The Mush from the Hill says:

    I’m quite new at this, in comparison to some I follow, and I take very personally what I read. It’s probably not the best way but I believe you get closer to the writer with this frame of mind. Similarly, for better or worse, I write very personally to try and connect.

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  3. Gina says:

    writing is very personal and sometimes it strengthens connections between writers and sometimes destroys friendships, I am still unsure how to find that balance, so I am quite careful with commenting these days in case it gets misunderstood. I wish you well on your blogging and writing journey, there will be ups and downs but if you stick around this can be a very rewarding platform.

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