Christmas Muse

Well, we’ve done it again. I present to you a sexy little collaboration to warm up those cold Christmas nights thanks to the wonderful imagination and fine writing talent of Tara Caribou over at Raw Earth Ink.

This is my second piece of work with Tara (check out our first collaboration here or here, your choice) and I can’t help but be appreciative of her open imagination. She’s a braver writer than I, which is a big help, bringing out a different side to my writing. Thanks T.

Enjoy, I know I did (teehee).

Christmas Muse

I’m just a humble poet with very little need

Making people happy my one true deed

Inspirations come in all shapes and measures

But oh my Christmas Muse she doth give me pleasures


Lay on the bed and wait for me

Crack the window for you will see

This cold night when I come for you

Open my gift, you know what to do


She comes to me in the middle of my dreams

O’er frosted air and yuletide moonbeams

My muse there stands in front of me

In my mind’s eye, she is all I see


You find me standing there a pace

Decked in white ribbons and red lace

You have been so good, baby

Here’s a little present to you from me


She knows my wishes as I wait in my bed

And sleep brings lustful dreams to my head

The image of her is want and desire

Sacred revelation awakens sexual fire


When I release this pretty little bow

Lace reveals silky skin for you to know

Quietly as the gentle music plays

A provocative dance my mood betrays


Her skin like porcelain, delicate to the touch

Flaming red hair bounce’s insomuch

As to reveal her breasts firm and round

As she dances to sweet melodic sounds


Slowly my movements your fire does stoke

Using your hands to touch and stroke

Leaning down I kiss you passionately

Peppermint lips and a bit chocolatey


Her gentle weight lies squarely on me

She gives of herself devoted and freely

Lips caress our tongues serpentine

With tender moans our bodies combine


Feeling my hips tastily grind and move

Our breaths in panting ecstasy prove

I am the best gift you’ll ever open

See, when you are good then you earn a ten


The dream goes on at a frenzied pace

Thrust after thrust, our spirits embrace

And as our climax brings ecstasy

We fall from each other in harmony


Now close your eyes and rest your head

Continue your dreams of me in red

I can’t stay away, what’s a girl to do?

Tomorrow night I will return to you


As morning comes and I awake

The dream is over, the day it breaks

Her touch, her smell remains with me

My Christmas Muse, she’ll always be


Copyright © Tara Caribou & JRFC December 2018
Image from Pixabay

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