Welcome to 2019

It’s started… Another day of regretting the night before and that last drink that just pushed us right over the edge. Another month of new year resolutions that may last till February; if we’re lucky. Another year of who know’s what to inspire us all to better ourselves and attempt to not make the same mistakes as last year… Yeah right.

Hey there Guys and Gals, you know I jest, after all I live in Wales where it rains the best part of a whole year but our daffodils still bloom on time. Where our National Emblem is a flaming Red Dragon standing proud for all to see. We’ve even got a rugby team that can still perform on a good day. Rrroll on the Six Nations Championship (that was me trying to write my accent and roll my R’s), and our football (soccer) team aren’t all that bad either.

SMILE; it’s the New Year and regardless of my relentless mental shenanigans, I’m gonna do what I can to get that little bit fitter, smile a little more often and enjoy more of the little things in life.

I’m also thinking of redecorating. That’s right Peeps, some of those old habits still die hard (and yes it is a Christmas film). As a previous web editor I was always told to ‘review the site every 12 months’ and by golly that’s what I’m gonna do; or try to do; hope to do…

To keep things going I thought I’d bring back some or me lesser read pieces from 2018. Just a few over the next few days and hopefully, if I’ve been clever enough, unveil my changes on my anniversary.

So without further ado I present for your entertainment a poem from January last year:




As I look out the window

At the darkening grey sky

I wonder what else is out there

As life is passing by


Itโ€™s nice an warm in here

But the rain, it makes me cold

As the pitter-patter makes puddles

On pathway of cobbles bold


The trees stand tall and proud

But their colour, a greyish green

Looks more wintery by the hour

And makes for a gloomy scene


As I sit and watch time fly

The weather keeps getting worse

And poor flowers take a beating

From the tyranny of storms curse


ย But soon the sun will shine

And the clouds will go away

Then a rainbow of coloured lines

Will take charge of the changing day


Copyrightยฉ JRFC
Images from Pixabay

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