Out With the Old… In With the New

Welcome; welcome my blogging Chums, whadda you think? Liking it? I do. A redecorated blog for the New Year and I got it up and running for my 1st year anniversary.

Not bad for someone who’s not very tech savvy eh.

So how about a blog warming party, WhooHoo!! Yeah come on in and mingle, let’s get to know each other. Add you’re blog name in the comments and get this party started. No profanities though Peeps, I can cope with a bit of bad language but lets be nice with each other.

For me this year it’s very much of the same thing. I’ve been lucky to have posted every day for the past few weeks. I’ve been able to do that because it hasn’t all been my work. This year I’d like to try and provide a bit more quality to my blog. I’ll keep up with my guest posts; after all they’ve been very successful. I’m real glad you’ve liked them.

For my work, I want to spend a little extra time writing. To help me with that and work around ‘life’ I’m going back to posting every few days. I’d rather give you quality reading over quantity product, so I hope you’ll understand and stick around. I so love your company and joining in with your comments.

This reminds me, if my lack of interaction has been noticed, I apologise. This last week or so I’ve been enjoying some time off and trying to get my blog sorted. But I’m back so let’s get all arty farty and inspired together.

Also a quick BTW, I’m thinking of pulling together a, um… collection of poems; unpublished poems. I’m not gonna call it a book, more like a possible manuscript but I’m more than happy to take any advice you may have. Of course any editors or authors out there that happen to read this don’t forget I’m the Mush from the Hill.


14 thoughts on “Out With the Old… In With the New

  1. The Whippoorwills says:

    Your blog looks beautiful, JC. You’ve chosen a very elegant theme, and I’m particularly fond of cinzel as a title font. And congratulations on your first year, well done. And good luck putting together your book. 😊

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  2. Susi Bocks says:

    I like your new site! Laid-back, simple, minimalist. Thanks for the invite to your blog party. For all your readers, join me over at https://iwriteher.com/ if you enjoy poetry! Look forward to seeing you there. 🙂

    JC, if you need some help with editing or self-publishing, please let me know. Would be happy to help! Hit me up on my contact page. 🙂 Good year to you!

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  3. The Mush from the Hill says:

    Hey Susi, thank you and thanks for sticking around. I also hope this helps with your blog. As for the help, expect some nagging lol. Seriously though thank you. It’s early days yet but I may well be knocking on your door, metaphorically speaking.

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