A Duel of Light and Dark

Brothers in arms

How did it come to this?

A prophecy to bring hope

Misled it did, designed to deceive

No matter now


The notion, the attempt

To talk down this volatile scenario

Just too late, soured by lies

By greed, by anger

By a lust for power


And so it begins

A sudden violent movement

Against an equally skilled opponent

A falling Avalanche

Into a barrier of blades


A duel to the death

One from light

The other in darkness

But from who’s perspective

A Tyrants trick on a lost soul


Dancing in lethal partnership

Their blades cracked and hissed

With every clash made

A Flash with every brutal encounter

And then locked face to face


Partnered in some macabre dance

They pirouette, somersault

Vault around each other

Each avoiding the lethal sabers

Trying to counter their opponent’s next move


Adrenaline Surges through their veins

No more the sparring partners of old

These titans of the force

Of light and dark unbalanced

Each now committed to a lost cause


They battle on at fever pitch

With such severity and malice

Such pain, suffering and remorse

Neither can retreat now

Each with a different purpose


Attack after counter attack

The battle rages on

Parry, Lunge, Swing, Block

Florescent lines are drawn

On a darkened stage


Like some Shakespearean tragedy

There is no hope of redemption

A conclusion has to be enacted

Until that final curtain falls

On a decided, fateful outcome


The Titan’s square up one last time

One with the advantage

While the other blinded by arrogance

Takes the chance

Only to fall by the hand of his brother


Falling from the sickening flash

As a lightsaber cuts through flesh and bone

Dismembering and cauterizing

What’s left of its victim’s limbs

It is done


The death of a Jedi

The birth of a sith

But who is really who

Brothers no more

How did it come to this?


Copyright © JRFC January 2019

The image is readily available in various places on the
internet and believed to be in the public domain.
I hope no one minds.

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