Song’s from the Movies

Hey there movie lovers, how ya doing. Got a good one today from several movies but it’s this series that I particularly want to link it to; Star Trek. The newer Star Trek of course, the first movie and Star Trek: Beyond. Can’t remember it in the second one, maybe you can remind me.

Now I know I’m putting myself under the cosh here for all those lovely hecklers out there; “Call yourself a Star Wars fan”, yeah yeah I can hear you but even I admit these films are damn good.

And what about those Beastie Boys eh! A bit like marmite; love them or hate them. Some of their work I really love but some well… Let’s just leave it at that.

So raise shields, charge weapons and target that boom box; it’s Sabotage. Oh; don’t you dare take off those Sabot’s (see what I did their (teehee)).


beyondI can’t stand it I know you planned itsabotage
I’m gonna set it straight, this watergate
I can’t stand rocking when I’m in here
Because your crystal ball ain’t so crystal clear
So while you sit back and wonder why
I got this fucking thorn in my side
Oh my God, it’s a mirage
I’m tellin’ y’all it’s sabotage

So listen up ’cause you can’t say nothin’
You’ll shut me down with a push of your button?
But yo I’m out and I’m gone
I’ll tell you now I keep it on and on

‘Cause what you see you might not get
And we can bet so don’t you get souped yet
You’re scheming on a thing that’s a mirage
I’m trying to tell you now it’s sabotage

Why; our backs are now against the wall

Listen all of y’all it’s a sabotage
Listen all of y’all it’s a sabotage
Listen all of y’all it’s a sabotage
Listen all of y’all it’s a sabotage

I can’t stand it, I know you planned it
But I’m gonna set it straight this watergate
But I can’t stand rockin’ when I’m in this place
Because I feel disgrace because you’re all in my face
But make no mistakes and switch up my channel
I’m Buddy Rich when I fly off the handle
What could it be, it’s a mirage
You’re scheming on a thing – that’s sabotage



3 thoughts on “Song’s from the Movies

  1. mike ennenbach says:

    The newer Star Trek movies were more in line with Star Wars. They brought action and excitement whereas Trek was about hard science and drama. And the Beasties are one of the greatest ever. Damn the hecklers!

    Liked by 1 person

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