A Little Bit Down

As you all know I’m a little bit down

You can see on my face I wear a frown

But don’t you worry for my today

It’s not permanent I’ll be okay


I sometimes wonder where this gloom comes from

Past misadventures, a vengeful maelstrom

A pack of white lies chasing after me

Bearing teeth hysterically


Universal retribution for the bad things I’ve done

A metaphorical jail sentence, an illusionary dungeon

An itch I can’t scratch, a thorn in my side

Similes and metaphors; can’t seem to avoid


So I’ll step back, sigh; count to ten

Just you watch as I take back my Zen

With psychic barriers and charms for luck

I’ll be up and at em causing mischief and havoc


Copyright © JRFC February 2019

Image from Pixabay

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