Purple is all I Remember

How long has it been?

Weeks; months

Since that night

Of gay abandon

That cursed my heart

For evermore


I wonder without purpose

Lost and abandoned

By a Dream

No; a memory

Caused by a reality

I just can’t be sure


Purple is all I remember

Purple; Fragrance?

I don’t know why

Or how a Colour

Can have an aroma

But it does; it did


This is the answer to my riddle

To me finding…?

Something or someone

On the edge of my subconscious

A grip on me like fingers in my skull

Like a… A spell


This is ludicrous, madness

I have to accept this fate

I’m done thinking, looking

For an answer to my imagination

I… I’m here!

This is her place


Copyright © JRFC April 2019
Image by Rondell Melling on Pixabay, modified by JRFC.

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